How to treat ringworm

How to treat ringworm and what is it?

Well we know how it is to have ringworm! This blog post is based on real experience and so not based on some vague theoretical technique. We personally have good results with the underlying ringworm treatment, so make sure you read all this blog post and take advantage of this free information.

What is ringworm?

Ringwork is a common fungal skin infection otherwise known as “tines”. Ringworm most commonly affects the skin on the body (tines corporals), the scalp (tines wapitis), the feet (tines pedis or athlete’s foot), of the groin (tines curries or jock itch). However having said that, the ringworm infection normally grows best in wet places with damaged skin because of injury or simply soap or razor blades. That’s why it is often seen as the feet part or around the genitalia. 


Is ringworm dangerous?

Well it is not really dangerous, however it is very annoying, not beautiful and it can itch very much and infect others. It is also not pretty to look at and better to treat it sooner than later. It can spread to other parts of the body as well and become even uglier and more difficult to treat. 

Ringworm Treatment

Before you think about treatment, make sure you “google ringworm” and check for “images” to make sure your situation looks similar than on the pictures. If you are sure you have ringworm, rest assured you have it and you made the right analysis, so you don’t need to visit an expensive doctor. We personally hate the high drug prices and therefore prefer shopping online for medicines and we can recommend the online pharmacy we use personally for more than 5 years called Pharmacy XL for all our medicines needs and they also have the medications which are needed for treatment of ringworm. We recommend the following anti-fungal meds:

Diflucan pills
Fulvicin tablets

If you simply take 2 tablets of any of the above medicines then you are pretty sure to get rid of it. Some prefer also a cream however our experience is that this only irritates the skin more. Better and more important not to wash the skin with soap, just water and to keep it dry and not too much clothes. For example avoid underwear it you have Ringworm at your intimate area and wear wide clothes. You can treat the skin if you want with olive oil which also has anti fungi elements. For the rest avoid alcohol, sleep good and eat healthy so your body is in maximum strength while your body fights the fungi. Vitamin C for strength and vitamin D supplements for the skin can be highly advantageous too.

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